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  • Lawn & Landscaping Services
    Lawn & Landscaping Services

    We provide professional services including lawncare, landscape design & construction, property maintenance, and other related services.

  • Lawn Mowing
    Lawn Mowing

    We provide quality lawn mowing services for residential and business customers.

  • Start New, Refresh, or Build Out!
    Start New, Refresh, or Build Out!

    We can do a new install, or refresh your current design, or add on to existing work to give your property a fresh appeal.

  • Digital Design Services
    Digital Design Services

    Using the latest software, we provide a photo-realistic method to bring your future landscape to life using current pictures of your property.

  • Water Features
    Water Features

    Newer-style water features are soothing and entertaining, with considerably less maintenance than styles of the past.

  • Homeowners Associations
    Homeowners Associations

    We can handle your HOA projects and grounds maintenance, providing excellent quality and value. Fully insured, PA-contractor licensed.

  • Winter Services
    Winter Services

    We provide snow removal, de-icing treatments, and walkway clearing for residential and business customers.

  • Enjoy Your Own Wonderland!
    Enjoy Your Own Wonderland!

    We can light up your whole property with tree wrapping, branch wrapping, display setup, and select home exterior placements.

  • Light Up Your Holidays!
    Light Up Your Holidays!

    We can take the work out of your holiday decorating, leaving you to enjoy the season :)

Now Scheduling: Fall beautification of your lawn

SlitSeeder1 175pxLike hair, lawns can suffer from thinning and/or bald spots. But unlike hair problems, your lawn is easy to fix with SML's fall "beauty treatments." Ask us NOW which fall treatment is best for you. For really sparse lawns or particular problem areas, slit seeding is the answer; that intensive process requires us to cut hundreds of grooves in the ground as grass seeds are dropped all around. For a more general treatment to beautify your entire existing lawn, aerating the ground (a process by which we use a special machine to poke tiny holes all over) allows water, nutrients/fertilizer, and air to penetrate more deeply, thereby encouraging good health and thicker growth, especially if we add grass seed to "overseed" the existing lawn. Again, SML can tell you which process will work best for you; just call NOW to schedule a visit. Find out more about these services

What Is Hardscaping?

Seth Maurer Landscaping Hardscaping Pond ExampleClick for larger imageThe term "hardscaping" refers to HARD materials such as those made up of concrete, brick, wood, stone or other manmade materials and can be used in your landscape for features like patios, fences, steps, walkways and paths, walls, firepits and borders. Living trees and plants constitute "softscaping," which can be added into the hardscaping to enhance it.

Bored with your lawn area? Adding a hardscape feature can help you to fall in love all over again with your home. Redesigning your lawn area can make your home warmer and more inviting. Outdoor living areas make your home more comfortable for everyday life and make entertaining better and easier than you might imagine. Stone patios are ideal spots for backyard parties or barbeques, even business meetings.

Whether it's just you and the family hanging out for the evening, inviting the neighbors over for dessert, or having a large family gathering or party, hardscaping will help you bring it to life.   Find out more about our hardscaping services


Jobs Available - Now Hiring!

Spring 2014 is here and SML is always looking for good workers with landscape and/or hardscape experience, whether for this season or next.   Apply Now

Fungus In Your Mulch?

What Is Growing In My Landscape MulchHave you seen something weird growing in your mulch? Don't be alarmed, but you may be interested in reading this very informative article from Penn State University's College of Agricultural Sciences. It will help you better understand common fungi that can grow in your beds that are covered with mulch.

"What Is Growing in My Landscape Mulch?"


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Jobs - Now Hiring!

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